Murals on a fence and the front of a building at E 10th St & 5th Ave. ( *840 5th Ave) near Laney College). Artists include Ham, Dies4, Cameron Thompson, Caratoes, Ex-Vandals, Nite Owl, Irot, Chris Granillo, Aura, Buge CBS, These murals have been replaced.

In-progress as of Sept. 24, 2014- photos.

Cameron Tomphson. photo by mk30Caratoes photo by mk30nite owl. photo by mk30Dies 4 and Ham. photo by mk30?? photo by mk30ham photo by mk30Night Owl. photo by mk30

Updated photos: December 6, 2014, including the fence on the East 10th side.

Ham. photo by greenkoziham? photo by greenkozi

??? photo by greenkozi

photo by greenkozi

photo by greenkozi


the 8th Ave side. photo by greenkoziDies4. photo by greenkozinite owl. photo by greenkozi


Hummingbees by Chris Granillo on East 10th. photo by greenkozigiant nite owl. photo by greenkoziAura. photo by greenkozithe wall. photo by greenkozi?? photo by greenkoziBuge CBS. photo by greenkozi