In 2015, the 3rd Annual Innovation Awards were held on February 19th. Oakland winners included:
Legacy Award: Clorox.

Food: Blue Bottle Coffee

Advanced Manufacturing:  3D printing leader FATHOM

Education:  Oakland Digital Arts and Literacy Center 

Cleantech:  SfunCub

The 2nd Annual East Bay Innovation Awards were held on Thursday, February 13th, 2014 from 5:30-8:00 at the Fox Theatre.

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  • Clean Tech: Products, services, and processes that harness renewable materials and energy sources, dramatically reduce the use of natural resources, and cut or eliminate emissions and wastes. // Winner: SORAA (based in Fremont)
  • Advanced Manufacturing: Activities that (a) depend on the use and coordination of information, automation, computation, software, sensing and networking, and/or (b) make use of cutting-edge materials and emerging capabilities enabled by the physical and biological sciences to make existing products in new ways or make new products emerging from these new, advanced technologies. // Winner: Boehringer (location in Fremont)
  • Food: Agriculture, viticulture, or food and/or beverage design, production, or distribution. // Winner: Back to the Roots (based in Oakland)
  • Information and/or Communication Technology: The development, implementation, and maintenance of computer hardware and software systems to organize and communicate information electronically. // Winner: Aspera (based in Emeryville)
  • Life Sciences: Companies in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biomedical technologies or devices, medical equipment, life systems technologies, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals. This category also includes healthcare: providers of diagnostic, preventive, remedial, and therapeutic services such as doctors, nurses, hospitals and other private, public, and non-profit organizations. // Winner: Children's Hospital (based in Oakland)
  • Engineering and Design: The use of science, math, or artistry to solve problems or plan or present something in a new way. // Winner: Meyer Sound (Based in Berkeley)
  • Education: Private sector initiatives which pioneer innovative connections between the world of work and the world of learning to develop a more adaptable workforce. // Winner: Techbridge (based in Oakland)
  • Catalyst: An individual, organization, or company that is currently transcending organizational boundaries to pull East Bay assets together in new ways and/or catalyze new thinking or processes. // Winner: Youth Radio (based in Oakland)
  • Legacy: An individual, organization, or company whose historical efforts in their industry have had a lasting impact on the culture of innovation in the East Bay. // Winner: Kaiser (based in Oakland)

Nominees include many Oakland groups!

2DOLife, Inc.
Aaron Metals Company
Admedes, Inc.
Alameda County Electrical JATC Zero Net Energy Center
Alphabet Energy
Applied Fusion
Aurora Algae
Back To The Roots
Bayer HealthCare
Because We Can
Boehringer Ingelheim
BrightSource Energy
Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland
ConXtech Space Frame Systems
Cool Earth Solar
Corporation for Manufacturing Excellence (Manex)
Delta Diablo Sanitation District
Destiny Arts Center
Digicom Electronics
Dublin Partners in Education Enrichment Academy
Emerald Packaging
Epicor Software Corporation
Fibralign Corporation
Food Service Technology Center
GE Measurement and Control
General Electric
Ghirardelli Chocolate Company
Give Something Back
GreenBiz Group
Hodo Soy Beanery
Inland Metal Technologies
Jamba Juice Company
Juniper Ridge
Jupiter Systems
Kaiser Permanente
Kaiser Permanente Sidney R. Garfield Health Care Innovation Center
LIfe Technologies
LightSail Energy
Meyer Sound
NovaBay Pharamceuticals
Ohlone College Northern CA Bay Area Biotechnology Center
Oraya Therapeutics
ORCON Aerospace
Pasteurization Technology Group
Peerless Coffee and Tea
Performance Food Group
Peridot Corporation
PhaseSpace, Inc.
Poly Plus Battery Company
Porifera Nano
Quick Mount PV
Revolution Foods
Sandia National Labs
Schubros Brewery
Semifreddi's Bakery
SigmaTron International
Singulex, Inc.
Solta Medical
Stacy and Witbeck
Studio Fathom
Tactical Command Industries
Tarana Wireless
The North Face
Topcon Positioning Systems
Tria Beauty
UC Davis School of Management
Whole Foods
Youth Radio