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The East Oakland Hospital was a hospital on E. 14th Street (now International Blvd.). It later changed its name to Oakland HospitalThe building is now known as the Fruitvale Gateway Building.

The building was designed in 1928 by William H. Weeks as a 4-story building with the option of adding on.3 It isn't yet clear whether they built it as four stories in 1929 and added on, or built it as eight stories..

After construction, one of the first references to it is in the Hayward Review about the death of Mrs. Ida Batteate, 4 wife of Nicholas Joseph Batteate, in 1929.

In 1937, Max Baer, Jr. was born at the hospital. In 1938 when he was 5 months old, he was treated for pneumonia at the hospital. 5 Max Baer, Sr.'s parents were treated there as well at different times. 6,7

In 1939, Florence V. Klaeser was the superintendent. 2 She was appointed in 1934. 8

Brandon Lee, the son of Bruce Lee, was born at the hospital in 1965.

Lillian Mae Reading, mother of Oakland Mayor John H. Reading, died at the hospital in 1967 after a long illness. 10

By 1967, the hospital was listed as Oakland Hospital, though some still referred to it as East Oakland Hospital as late as 1976. In 1967-1969, Howard E. Johnson was the administrator. 9

1928 ad 3excerpt from 1951 Sanborn map (fair use)

1928 rendering 11

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