Ed Sue (November 1, 1929 – September 23, 2020) was an architect and contractor. Sue was born in Fairfield, California where his father labored as a tenant farmer. His father soon lost the farm during the Great Depression and moved the family of five children to Oakland, where he worked as a gardener in Piedmont and other cities. His father was murdered with Ed as the sole witness at age 8. Following his fathers’ death, his family relocated to San Francisco Chinatown, where he lived in the tenement building named “Orange land” on Stockton street.

He became an architect and contractor, and was in practice since at least 1964. His Oakland projects include the Pacific Renaissance Plaza, the EBMUD headquarters building, the Oakland Asian Cultural Center building, and the Milton Shoong Building. 1

Sue Associates Architecture is at 500 East 8th St.

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