Edward Constant Robinson (February 6, 1855 - October 28, 1940)  attorney, of Oakland, was born in Jackson county, Oregon, February 6, 1855, a son of Dr. Jesse and Lavinia Jane (Constant) Robinson.   Jesse Robinson moved to  Oakland, in November, 1868, or the better education of his children.  Jesse Robinson was Assessor of Oakland township, to which he had been elected in 1880, and which he held by re-elections until January 1, 1887.

Edward C. Robinson completed his school days in the University of California. 

From 1873 to 1878 he was in the coal business as collector, bookkeeper or foreman for F. Chappellet & Co., and for six months as half owner of their branch yard at Alameda, and finally as superintendent of their headquarters in this city.  In 1878, his health being somewhat impaired, he went to the mountains and engaged in hydraulic mining, owning at one time a two-thirds interest in the Josephine mine in Josephine county, Oregon.

Disposing of his mining property he returned to Oakland, and was appointed in 1880 a deputy County Clerk, and detailed a Clerk of Department Two of the Superior Court of Alameda county.  Finding an opportunity to study law, under the guidance of the late Henry Vrooman and afterward of the Hon. W. E. Greene, then and now one of the Judges of the Superior Court, he was admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court of California, August 9, 1882. 

Retiring from the position of deputy County Clerk in January, 1883, he entered upon the practice of law under the style of Robinson & De Golia (which partnership continued one year), and was appointed Attorney to the Public Administrator, and served as such to the close of 1886.  From June 1, 1887, to October 1, 1888, he was one of the law firm of Smith & Robinson, otherwise practicing alone since January, 1884.  In July, 1890, he was appointed Town Attorney of Berkeley.  He has successfully conducted some cases that have attracted attention on account of the principles involved, and has established an excellent standing among, and is now one of the prominent members of the bar of Alameda county.

He was married October 17, 1889, to Miss Sarah Theodora Merritt (Robinson) (March 27 1867- ), who was born at Payson, Adams county, Illinois, a daughter of James B. Merritt. Their son Bestor Robinson was a long time president of the Sierra Club.

The Robinsons lived at 552 Montclair Ave. in Cleveland Heights.

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