Elijah's University for Self-Development Inc. 

From video- two people from the school speak:

  • School is located: 818 27th Street, expanding to 820 27th street ($100,000 project)
  • 510 444 2793
  • 501c3
  • around over 30 yrs, per video
  • Not accredited, per video- the school system is too constraining.
  • Students do work study (including 12 year olds)
  • Tuition is $500 per student but then based on student.

Per SchoolScoop, there are 6 students, k-12.3

BMT Security runs out of this spot4

President: Qadirah N Bey.1 Founded by Dahood Bey.2

In October, 2014, Elijah University, home of BMT Security, was raided by police and investigators. Seven people were arrested on charges of public contract fraud, forged real estate deals and identity theft.5


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