Oakland is apparently an Emerging Tech Hub (otherwise known as "startups are getting priced out of San Francisco and want to have an office somewhere on the BART" and "the city is going all-in on this hot tech wave they've been hearing about because they've heard about all the sweet benefits that San Francisco has gotten from encouraging for-profit tech to base itself in that fair city and want a piece of that sweet action themselves" and "people who have bought real estate and real estate developers make more money when they hype Oakland up for whatever reason").


Before startups started to come in and do their magic work of lifting up the dirt-caked populace of Oakland, there was literally no tech here. The people were turning their parking lots into gardens for godssakes! And certainly there were no hackers, tinkerers, repurposers, or inventors already doing things in Oakland. Thank goodness for the influx of tech! It will hopefully save us all soon! Giving corporate coding jobs to our children, populating our empty buildings, and filling our city with wealthier residents who will give us the gift of more taxes and demand for our fancy cafes and restaurants.

The Future

Now, during the interstitial period of Oakland tech incubation, things may be a little messy, but do not fret. We have a glorious future ahead of us as a fully emerged mature tech hub, with all the expensive housing, displacement, social stratification, spectacular trickle down (why it's better to have a job as a waiter at a fancy restaurant than no job at all don't ya know), photo ops of programmers with kids of color, city buzz that we hope (fingers crossed!) will help us lure more wealthy people to Oakland (the dream!), overflowing tax dollars, the political safety that tech money is supposed to bring for the elected officials who help them set up shop in the city, the potential to have more rich people to beg to be charitable in our city. Tech: the new sports stadium of economic development. Oakland: emerging tech hub.

Alternately, we can create an ecosystem that's people-controlled, open, friendly, collaborative, and a part of the efforts (so many efforts!)) to make Oakland a place that meets the needs and empowers all of its residents.

Organizations that are trying to make this "Oakland Tech" thing a thing

  • Something called Vator. Which has written two articles about "Oakland Tech." Appears to be lame self-promotion.
  • Oakland Forward, Bryan Parker's mayoral campaign.

Examples of this kind of language

Relevant Links

  • Crashbase: "You know the startup crash is coming." This website aims to document stories leading up to the impending startup crash.