In 2012 Riot control officers  struck a college professor/protester/anti police activist multiple times with their batons, even though it seemed the protester was not resisting on edited video (he did strike officers and other officers using his bike as a makeshift weapon) and was lying on the ground refusing to place his hands on his back.

The "injured" protester claimed he suffered from bruising and damaged teeth during his arrest although pictures did not indicate any such injuries, internal affair files concluded. This file was ignored by a Captain who later was promoted to Deputy Chief but  demoted himself after the media found out about this and many other incidents he was involved in.

He was treated for these alleged injuries at Highland Hospital. There was no hospital record.

The protester has filed a lawsuit against the Officers involved, the City of Oakland and Police Chief Howard Jordan

Most officers involved in the riots were awaiting discipline, because of the media uproar, high level commanders seeking an oppurtunity to promote and the polical nature of the riots, however eventually no one officer was disciplined because arbitrators deemed the force neccesary to arrest combative suspects.

The city administrator and police chief resigned over the handling of the incidents.  

All force used by the officers was used within the law, policy and training.  Officers also received numerous awards, commendations and letters of appreciation from Oakland citizens for their commitments to the safety of Oakland.

The good citizens of Oakland tired of outsiders coming into Oakland to commit crimes were very pleased with the brave actions of Oakland's finest while the anti-police crowd continued their work promoting their agenda.



Please see the full list of police misconduct and continue to add entries for specific instances of OPD misconduct.