The Ethiopian Community and Cultural Center is located on Telegraph at 61st Street.

According to its website: "Ethiopian Community and Cultural Center conducts educational and social service programs that help new immigrants take up residence and become established in the Bay Area. We help these individuals to assimilate into the new culture and become able participants, productive and contributing members of society. The Ethiopian Community outreach program also gets involved in promoting Ethiopia and Ethiopian history and culture to communities around the Bay Area, so that new comers would not face difficulties while going through the resettlement and cultural adjustment process."

It offers a number of social service, including:

  • Case Management for new immigrants
  • Elder Services
  • Iddir Services for low-income families
  • Housing 
  • Employment Services and Training Programs
  • Community Outreach
  • Translation and Interpretation
  • Computer Training

It also plans to offer Amharic classes.



Phone: (510) 268-4770