Fastmetrics is a business Internet Service Provider which services Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose and the surrounding Bay area. It provides service to many Oakland businesses and is the lead ISP of PsPrint, whose head office is based at 2861 Mandela Parkway. PsPrint has been a customer of Fastmetrics since 2004. 

The company was incorporated in 2002, after being rebranded to Fastmetrics from it's predecessor, ISP Networks. The company is led by CEO Andreas Glocker, who founded and established Sirius Networks in 1994, before it's sale to FirstWorld Corp.  

Fastmetrics head office address: Suite 838, 1 Hallidie Plaza, San Francisco, 94102. 

Contact details: 415-778-5100 or toll-free 1-800-724-7100.


Other information

Fastmetrics provides business only dedicated, high speed Internet services to the Oakland area, including fiber, business broadband, bonded ADSL2+, cloud based phone systems, hosting, email and colocation services. 

Services are supported 24 x 7 by a Technical Support Team located out of the San Francisco head office. 

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