1924, 3545 E.14th showroom 1
Arthur Lee, sec. treasurer
C. L. Ellingsen, general manager
Arthur Seller, president

Field and Lee was a short-lived auto dealership from 1923 to 1927, owned by R. C. Field and Arthur Lee. They had showrooms in different locations around Oakland, and sold different makes of cars including Chevrolet and Star Cars. 1 They also sold used cars.

In January 1923, they opened a temporary showroom at 3865 E. 14th (now International). They quickly decided they needed more space, and started planning for a new 12,000 sq. ft. showroom at 3545 E. 14th. 2,3 (That building is now occupied by Bonanza.)

In 1924, they had both the 36th and E.14th showroom and the Arnstein - Field & Lee Star Showroom on Broadway at 28th. 4 In 1926, ads appear for used cars sold at 3rd Avenue and E.12th St. 5 Later in 1926, they announced they were closing the Broadway and 28th showroom. 7

And in 1927, there was an ad indicating the business was dissolved and the main store (36th and E.14th) was closing for good on April 1, 1927. 6

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