Fire. One of the classical aristototalitarian elements. Here in Oak Land, we know how to have a good fire in a driveway or a backyard or a parking lot or whatever kind of thing. Maybe a dumbster. I saw one of those on fire this one time on Broadway during some civil unrest.


Here's a list of some of things you might see on fire in Oakland:

  • campfires - not just for car camping at Yosemite.
  • wildfires- especially during drought
  • those fire danger signs
  • garbage cans - gotta keep warm yo
  • cardboard trash box put out by the city - you know the kind, the ones with all the languages. One of those was ablaze down at San Antone.
  • candles at some fancy ass restaurant or whatever. Probably some place in Uptown. That's what they're about.
  • those flamey things up on top of Grand Perkins, that corner store where you can get sweet sweet honey wine
  • marijuana - Oakland is basically high all of time.
  • testing some art thing for burning man with a bunch of flames and whatever coming out of it (see American Steel)
  • This one time at Art Murmur I saw some people with a sweet propane flamey flame spewer that was flaming it up on 24th or something.
  • The New York Times thinks that the "nightlife" is "smoldering".
  • flame wars
  • houses :(


There were some big ass hill fires in the 90s (namely the one in October, 1991).

One of the SimCity 2000 scenarios is about it and you can play as the mayor of Oakland and everything. You can go up to top of that highway. I think it's 23? There is a bike lane in the middle of it which is weird. Anyways there are a bunch of placards where you can learn about how the fires pretty much were really huge and burned a bunch of trees and houses.


Enemies of fire in Oakland:

  • Fire Department - fire's arch nemesis
  • rain (which we need!)
  • fire extinguishers

Fire advocates:

  • PG&E sells natural gas
  • The Crucible
  • American Steel
  • old wiring
  • space heaters with a bunch of clothes on top of them
  • lit cigarettes thrown anywhere