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  • Foremost Dairies was founded in 1931 by J.C. Penney. 
  • By the early 1950's Foremost Dairies was the fourth largest diary company in the country. [either this is wrong, or the next line is wrong...]
  • Foremost Dairies was the third largest dairy company in the world by 1951.  With the 1954 acquisition of Golden State Co., Ltd. ...
  • Acquired International Dairy Supply Company and International Dairy Engineering Company in 1952. International Dairy Supply Company was a major supplier of milk products to the US military in east Asia.
  • Golden State Co., Ltd. purchased the former site of Oakland Brewing and Malting Company, and apparently still owned the site when Golden State was purchased by Foremost.
  • Foremost had operations in 23 states across the South and North as well as in Japan, the Philippines, Guam and Hawaii.
  • Foremost discontinued the full dairy operation at Fentons%20Creamery in 1961 and moved the business to Piedmont Avenue.
  • Foremost ran Fentons Creamery for many years as its marquee business until the company got out of the dairy industry.

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  • Foremost Dairies, Oakland and the Dairy Industry by Robert E. Jones (1926)
  • American Creamery, Oakland, Ca., 1918, c.1920.(photo)