Checking the frequency of special, not-very noticed, daytime (or other not very transparent time) meetings. (note: this does not include Special meetings due to changed times because of scheduled recesses or scheduled rescheduled).

Special Meetings are meetings called by the presiding officer or majority of the legislative body to discuss only discrete items on the agenda under the Brown Act's (and the Sunshine Ordinance) notice requirements for special meetings. (California Government Code section 54956). There isn't an expressed  agenda requirement for special meetings. [1]

According to the Sunshine Ordinance: SECTION 2.20.070 Notice And Agenda Requirements: Special Meetings.

(summarized) Special Meetings may be called at anytime by the presiding officer, or a majority of the members of the body. Notice of the meeting must be given within 48 hours. [2]


Date/linked to agenda/time  Date Noticed Subject Comments

2015-07-20 Monday, 1:00 PM

Friday before Waste management contract The new Waste Management contract dramatically raised the price of green waste for restaurants/businesses. A hastily called meeting was posted just in the 72 hour (including weekends) legal timeframe)

2015-07-30 Thursday, 12:00 PM

2015-07-08 Special Meeting about Meetings Discuss The Council Rules Of Procedure, Including Discussion Of The Brown Act, The Sunshine Act, And Council And Committee Meeting Protocols

2015-06-17 Wednesday, 5:00 PM

2015-06-12 Full city council meeting Regular city council meeting (Tuesday the 16th, 5:30 PM) cancelled due to "resources." Council President McElhaney appears concerned because the Warriors are playing and police will be needed Tuesday night in both places. Council is now very worried about police presence since the protests at council.
2015-06-08 Monday  4:00 PM 5/26? Budget  
2015-06-01 Monday, 10:00 AM 5/26?  Budget  
2015-05-11 Monday, 3:30 No earlier than 5/6 Most of the items from 5/5/15 The packed meeting from 05/05/15 was shut down by activists protesting the sale of the lot at East 12th. Instead of rescheduling the items for regular meetings, the majority of the items were rescheduled for this time.
2015-04-02 Thursday, 12:30

Seen, by TDL


City Budget - priorities and planning for Community Mtgs Another important budget meeting, discussing final priorities. Again, because of it's special meeting designation, required noticing was seen only 2 days prior. Also, being held in Jack London Square.
2015-03-20 Friday, 11:30   Coliseum ENA very important topic with lots of people who care about it. Raiders fans upset that they can't go.
2015-02-19 Friday, 11:30   Interpreting Measure FF important to many stakeholders.
2015-03-02 Monday, 10:00   Budget priorities for the year 2015 is a budget year, this meeting was about priorities for the budget from council, city admin, financial forecasting, etc.
2015-01-24 Friday, 1:00   Racial inequality forum forum/hearings in response to #blacklivesmatter. poorly noticed/advertised, time of day when few could come, watch or listen.
2015-01-28 Tuesday 9:00   Info report on Council budget briefing workshop more budget info- 2015 is budget year.


Jan 1-Jun 30 2014 @tdlove5

Date/linked to agenda/time 

Date Noticed Subject Comments
2014-03-26 Wednesday, 4:30    Special CED committee meeting Seems to be receiving an info report on WIB and workforce development policies. Day after regular CED meeting.
2014-05-09 Friday, 9:00   Council Retreat not really a special meeting.
2014-05-29 Thursday, 5:30   Garbage Contract  
2014-06-02 Monday, 5:30   Budget Stuff Midcycle budget items
2014-06-23 Monday, 5:30   Budget Stuff Midcycle budget items



July1-Dec 31 2014 @greenkozi

Date/linked to agenda/time  Date Noticed Subject Comments
2014-09-14 Monday, 1:00   Garbage contract ongoing issue, very important to lots of stakeholders
2014-09-22 Monday 5:30   Garbage contract  
2014-09-29 Monday 1:30   Garbage contract  
2014-07-30 Wednesday 5:30   Garbage contract  


1. "Open and Public IV: A Guide to the Ralph M Brown Act - 2nd Edition, Revised July 2010."

2. Sunshine Ordinance: