photo by mk30

Fruitvale Plaza Park is a small square at the corner of 35th and International near Fruitvale BART.  It has beautiful mosaics - including a beautiful mosaic bench.

The park was redesigned in 1999 by artist Praba Pilar. In a description of the project she writes:

"After being awarded the commission, I invited the amazingly talented and brilliant sculptor and builder Rod Garrett, of Oakland California (and architect of Burning Man) to work with me on all aspects of implementation. We had a great time.

The project involved a lot of community participation, and I am forever beholden to the wonderful people who lent us a hand. "

There are often people preaching into microphones in this park.

mosaic that looks like a creek! (photo by mk30)The creek runs into the flower bed border which continues with an acquatic theme :) (photo by mk30)music-themed mosaic on the tree bed border (photo by mk30)Info display (photo by mk30)closeup of the bench (photo by mk30)