George Chase (April 17, 1841 - ?) was the son of Moses Chase, the first settler in what is now Oakland, California.  His mother, Emily (Stickney) Chase, died in Newburyport, May 11, 1841, when George was but three weeks old.

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"George Chase went to school in Newburyport in his boyhood, and for a few terms, whenever school was held, after he came to Clinton.  In 1856 he worked as an assistant to the toll-collector on the Twelfth-street bridge, an institution of those days. 

He attended the Durant College and went through the preparatory department.  He then helped his father on the sloop he owned and used in freighting to and from San Francisco until 1860. 

At the age of eighteen Mr. Chase began to learn the trade of carriage-painter with A. H. Cochran, receiving $300 the first year, and for the second year one-third interest, he paying for half the stock.  The third year Mr. Cochran went out of the carriage-painting business and kept a store in which Mr. Chase was a helper for about one year. 

He then went to work for Bangle Brothers, carriage-painters, and in 1965 went to house-painting for them, the pay being better in that line. 

In 1867 he went to work on his own account and hired his former employer, Cochran, for one day, when they formed the firm of Cochran & Chase, continuing to August 27, 1868. 

Mr. Chase then went East, by the Panama route, chiefly for the rest and recreating, visiting his three maiden aunts Stickney in Newburyport, going also to Portland and Hallowell, Maine and Boston, Massachusetts.  After an absence of five months he returned, and having squared up accounts with his partner he occupied himself in hunting “divers,” for which he was paid $1.25 each by the manufacturers of ladies collars and muffs. 

In May, 1869, he formed a partnership with Bransom Bangle, a former employer, under the style of Bangle & Chase, house-painters and contractor, their Field of labor covering San Francisco, Oakland and Alameda. The firm continued until 1878, dissolving mainly on account of an injury to Mr. Chase’s ankle.

He then obtained the position of copyist under P. R. Borein, County Recorder, which he held three and a half years, when

he was appointed deputy Treasurer by James A. Webster, remaining with him from October, 1881, to December 31, 1886. He was appointed to the same position by Socrates Huff, taking office "the first Tuesday after the first Monday in January," 1887, and is still filling the position of deputy to Mr. Huff. Mr. Chase is a member of Orion Lodge, No. 189, I.O.O.F., of East Oakland.

He was married in Clinton, now of Oakland, December 25, 1869, to Miss Mandana E. Boynton, born in Hallowell, Maine, about 1843, of an old New England family. Both parents lived to an advanced age. Mr. And Mrs. Chase are the parents of three living children: Mary Emily Moses, born December 20, 1870, a graduate of the Oakland high school in December, 1889; George Moses, born June 15, 1873, now six feet two and one-half inches in height (his twin sister, Gertie Moses, died at the age of eleven months); Albert Boynton Moses, born August 29, 1879." 1

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