Get Connected! Oakland is a City initiative launched in 2011 in partnership with Oakland Technology Exchange West to combat issues relating to the digital divide in Oakland.

According to the Get Connected! Oakland website:

Get Connected Oakland (GCO) is both a campaign and a collaborative effort to provide free or low cost access to these tools to all residents of Oakland. GCO is a citywide, strategic response to the “digital divide”.

The GCO website provides information for Oakland residents regarding access, acquisition, tech support, training, education and adoption.

from Tony Barreca: I attempted to contact this group with a number of phone calls both to GCO founders and the City staffer who has some oversight on this effort.  It turns out that Get Connected Oakland was launched with great fanfare and a press event, and had some, but relatively little, follow-on.  They did bring up a Website (see above), but it remains incomplete and largely useless.  The effort continued for 6 to 12 months in a fund-raising vein, but after the attempt to raise money failed, this organization effectively folded back into its parent, Oakland Technology Exchange West.  Since we hope to work with that group, I plan to assist with that effort.




Internet access program seeks to close Oakland’s digital divide

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