Gilkey Manor was the name given the large house at 2170 East 28th Street when the Gilkey family lived there. Friends of the family remember a "Gilkey Manor" sign hanging on the porch. At some point the house was torn down and an apartment building constructed.

The Gilkey family was Dr. John Vernon Gilkey and Annapearl MacKenzie (Gilkey), and their children, Carol Gilkey, Daniel Alan Gilkey, and Beth Ellen Gilkey. They were not related to landscape designer Howard Gilkey. Dr. Gilkey worked at Kaiser Permanente, and had been the choir director at Fruitvale Presbyterian. They lived there c.1967. When Dr. Gilkey died in April, 1972, his obituary said he was living in Albany. Beth Gilkey attended Fremont High School, and was married in December, 1972.

c.1925-1940, there was a Louis H. Jones and Eleanor Jones listed at the address. Louis was a civil engineer.

[ This is a work in progress. Trying to find the story of the building and the people who lived there over the years. Feel free to add info. ]

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