Gladys Barndollar
from Business Women's Herald, 1923
Gladys H. Lent Barndollar (c.1872–August 5, 1938) was one of the founders of the Oakland Business and Professional Women's Club and served as its fourth president.

Gladys had previously headed the women's bureau of the Chamber of Commerce. The bureau started an "Oakland Label" program to encourage products made in Oakland to be promoted so that money would come back to Oakland, not unlike today's Oakland Grown program.

In 1921 was elected the fourth president of the club. She was re-elected in 1922.

Barndollar was a pioneer in direct mail marketing. She was the first female president of the Oakland Advertising Club. She also served as the director of the Women's City Club. 1

In 1924, Barndollar was the vice-president of the Soroptomist Club which was founded in Oakland in 1921. Barndollar was one of the founding members.


Gladys was born about 1872 in Oswego County, New York to David Saulsbury O'Harra and Mary Elizabeth O'Harra. She married Benjamin F. Lent about 1892 and they had a daughter, Myrtle Hope Lent (Holtzmann) (April 24, 1892–December 9, 1959). It's unclear what happened to Benjamin. The 1900 census lists Gladys as divorced, but the 1910 census lists her as widowed.

Gladys married Charles Kirk Barndollar on October 8, 1911. c.1924-1937, Gladys and Charles lived at 4620 Dolores Avenue.

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