Great Oakland Public Schools (501c4) and Great Oakland Public Schools Leadership Center (501c3), often known colloquially as "GO Public Schools" or "GO", are sister organizations consisting of parents, educators, and community members dedicated to a vision of an Oakland where all students receive the schooling and support they need to lead successful and fulfilling lives.

The organizations started as a group of parents and teachers organizing to prevent school closings based only on size by interim superintendent Roberta Mayor in 2008. The organizations officially incorporated in 2009.

GO Public Schools provides information for community about decisions being made about Oakland's public schools. GO also advocates for policies and practices to improve our public schools (for example, the All Kids policy). GO Public Schools 501c4 endorsed candidates in the 2012 school board elections and supported volunteers to help elect them.

GO also partners with other community organizations to create the annual Oakland Achieves Public Education Progress Report.

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You can read frequently asked questions about the organizations here and here. The organization also has a strong social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.