Hacker Houses are houses rented, owned, or squatted by hackers.

We have quite a few of these in Oakland, with the tech hurricane going on over there in the west bay.

Many hackers don't want to play the money game and instead want to pour all their time into side projects instead of a 9 to 5, so communal living is a way to decrease costs while increasing the hacks. Some are even cyberhobos and wander the world working while homeless -- many of the most brilliant cyberhobos from abroad are also often stopping by Oakland hackerspaces and hacker houses.

Overheard in a hacker house:

  • Has anybody seen my uranium?
  • Ok glass,
  • Do you guys think we should get a laser cutter?
  • All we need to do to win the contest is enter in our internet-enabled hot tub
  • We're going to use lasers to shoot gigabit connections between houses
  • Temperature: 40.38 degrees C or 104.67 degrees F

    Set point: 40.28 degrees C or 104.50 degrees F

  • It's actually much better with potassium hydroxide.

  • I was last employed in September. I really hope to never be employed again. It's just awful.

  • Science is dangerous!

  • The sound of electric fire (not words..literally just the sound of electric fire).

  • I fucking hate computers.

Things you might see in a hacker house: