Hagstrom's Food Stores was formed by Emil A Hagstrom in April 1932, who just 5 years earlier sold of his chain of 300 plus Mutual Stores to MacMarr Stores. The first ten stores were opened in June of that same year.


The firm's headquarters were opened in the old Star Cars Motor Plant at 107th and E.14th Street. There was a small office building in the front of a large building divided into three wings. The central section was used for the grocery and produce warehouse for the stores, while the other was used for the creamery and bakery. The space between was for loading platforms and maintenance for the delivery trucks. The grounds surrounding the plant were landscaped and kept up as a beautiful park.1

A fleet of trucks and drivers delivered these goods to the stores several times a day, to ensure freshness and quality.

First Stores

3268 Grand Ave - Opened June 1932

In June of 1932, the first ten stores opened "Each Store will be a Complete Market" with "Choice Fresh Meats and Vegetables". After that it was to be followed by an additional store each week. 2

Oakland Tribune May 31, 1932

On December 1, 1932, the 32nd store was opened at 73rd and E. 14th Street. 3

Oakland Tribune May 31, 1932

Oakland Stores

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