1962 photo, courtesy Chris Treadway

The Harlem Quarter was music club at the corner of Franklin and 7th Streets in what is probably better remembered as the Legendary Palace Restaurant building.

The club was active from 1948 to at least 1962 (or at least still had the sign.)

NB: I've found very little info about the Harlem Quarter. Some articles from 1948, then nothing except the photo from 1962 which still shows the sign. If you have any clues, please add them, even if not complete information.

Singer Billy Eckstine was one of the first big acts to appear there. 2,4 In January, 1948, he was accosted by "two thugs" who tried to rob him as he left the club. But Eckstine fought them off with some well-placed punches and kicks. 1,3

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January, 1948 ad

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