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Hays District School - 1886-1913

In July of 1886, it was reported in the Oakland Tribune that a new school will in the  Hays Canyon area will be ready for occupancy. 1   

The school is named in honor of John Coffee Hays one of the earliest settlers in the area,  The  school was located on Hays Canyon Road, (Moraga Ave) near the J.H.Medau Dairy.

The school was a part of the  "Hays School District" which was formed in March 1886.  To comprise portions of Peralta, Piedmont and Fruit Vale school districts and representing about 44 children.

The building is small in size, at 32x36 feet, has one classroom.   It has two entrances, one for boys and the other for the girls. The architecture is pointed Gothic.  Goodrich & Newton were the architects at a cost of about $2,500.

In October 1886 the school was formally dedicated.     Many of the residents of Hays Canyon were in attendance. 2.

The school was closed in 1913.

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