Photo taken 2014 by Ryan Kurkjian

The Herbert Hoover House at 1081 - 12th St. is Oakland Landmark #16, designated under Zoning Case #LM 76-393. According to 1932 and 1969 articles in the Oakland Tribune, Mr. Hoover lived in the house (then known as 1077 - 12th St. before 1912 renumbering) with his brother and sister in 1896, when he was then 22 years old. While living in this home, he registered to vote in his first national election.

Zillow, et al., say it was built in 1893, based on county records. However, an 1882 auction ad gives 1077 - 12th, 4 and the 1887 5 and 1892-1893 directories shows George L. Boveroux and Herman C. Cordes living at 1077 - 12th, suggesting it may have been built earlier.

After Mr. Hoover lived in the house, it was converted into a two-family house and given new addresses. By comparing current pictures to historical pictures from old Oakland Tribunes, we can also see that the house was obviously lifted to convert the lower level and the former garage into a full-height living area.

Herbert Hoover House 1Herbert Hoover (circa 1896) and 1079-81 12th Street 21079-81 12th Street 3


1079-81 12th Street, Oakland, California

1912 Sanborn excerpt

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