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Welcome, oh curious one...

So you want to learn about hackerspaces, eh? There are at least two general routes you could take in your research.

1. Cyber anthropology

This cat figurine was made with our 3D printer! MEOW! >^-^<


  • Hackerspaces like the Internet. There is a central repository wiki a lot of hackerspaces use, called...Hackerspaces dot org. This is a must-see if you haven't explored it already!
  • All hackerspaces (at least those who don't want to be hidden) have websites. See Sudo Room's, for example. The Calendar can give you ideas of the types of fun activities we do. The Wiki (under construction, but still great) is an excellent portal that includes our Articles of Association (how we run) and fun weird things (can you find Scrooge McDuck?)! 

2. Sudo Room ethnography

  • Sudoers are all very interesting and delightful people to meet. I'm sure a number of you reading this either are Sudoers or are going to be! Don't be shy about asking someone to give you a short history on the space, a tour through their eyes, or an overview of projects they're working on.
    • On a related note, there are always people in Sudo Room who are either members of other spaces or hold "multiple citizenships"! *hint hint*
  • You are also welcome to discover and write about the objects you find in the room. 

For the cheaters

Here is a list of Oakland-based hackerspaces and other creative communities. (not sure if complete--you should find out!!