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Horry Wert Meek (April 12, 1857 – January 21, 1910) was a landowner, banker and financier. He was involved in starting the Oakland, Haywards, and San Leandro Electric Railway which eventually became part of the Key System.

Meek was born April 12, 1857 in Milwaukie, Oregon to William Meek and Fidelia Stone (Meek), sister of Lysander Stone. William had first been married to Mary Luelling (Meek), daughter of Henderson Luelling.

Horry married Harriet Webb (Meek) (September 14, 1856June 21, 1937) in California in 1884, and they had three children: William H. Meek (May 31, 1885February 4, 1971), Gladys Melk Meek (Volkman) (July 11, 1887July 6, 1984), and Harriet E. Meek (Hawley) (May 1, 1889–January 5, 1989).

Although the Meeks lived at the Meek estate in San Lorenzo and Hayward, they were active in business and events in Oakland. Harriet's name (aka "Mrs. Horry Meek") appears frequently in the society pages of the time, including supporting various causes like the Fabiola Association and the Ebell Society.

Meek's grandson Stuart Meek Hawley served in the US Navy in WWII and was killed in action in the Pacific. He is buried in Saint Mary's Cemetery.


Meek was prominent in the founding of the Bank of Hayward and was its president. 1 Meek was a director of the Union Savings Bank of Oakland until his death in 1910.

He was involved in the construction business E. B. and A. L. Stone Company owned by his friends the Stone brothers. Together they and others founded the Oakland, Haywards, and San Leandro Electric Railway. This was bought out by the Oakland Traction Company in 1903.

Meek was a member of the Oakland Chamber of Commerce c.1905, and was on a number of committees.


Meek was a Knight Templar, Noble of the Mystic Shrine, member of the Athenian Club of Oakland, the Family Club of San Francisco and the Claremont Country Club.

Horry was a graduate of the class of 1877 of the University of California.

Death and Burial

Died January 21, 1910. Horry and Harriet are buried in Mountain View Cemetery.

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