House of the Home is a massage therapy practice owned and operated by Bethiah Rosa, CMT at 3654 Grand Avenue, just a short walk from Lake Merritt.

Bethiah comes to massage having a deep passion for and experience with the body. After sustaining an injury that made her pause her pursuits in the world of dance, she began her massage training at McKinnon Body Therapy Center. It was then that she developed a deeper understanding of the structure and functions of the body as well as the beneficial physical and emotional effects of massage in one's healing process.  

Bethiah offers you a space to slow down, and to be heard. Using a blend of modalities and techniques, each session is unique and responds to your desired outcomes for the session. She specializes in Swedish and Deep Tissue massage as well as Reiki. Her touch is intuitive and informed, fluid and nurturing.

"In Astrology, the houses represent aspects of human experience. With six planets in my fourth house, including my sun and moon, the fourth house holds great importance for me. It is commonly referred to as the house of the home, as it is associated with home, roots, family, and self-care.

I believe that home is within and therefore that our bodies are our most intimate homes. I believe deeply in the power of nourishing touch and how it helps us to integrate all that has come before us, allowing us to come home physically, mentally, and emotionally." - Bethiah