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Ingo Mayer was a police officer with the Oakland Police Department.

In 2011, he was found guilty of illegally, publicly strip searching two men.  The judge ruled that he pulled over the men for no valid reason, and then "deliberately, callously and oppressively violated plaintiffs' Fourth Amendment rights."  The plaintiffs were awarded $205,000 plus $832,000 in attorney fees in a case against officer Mayer.  The city as Mayer's employer was obligated to pay these damages.

It is unknown what discipline, if any, was imposed on Officer Mayer by the Oakland Police Department. 

In salary data from 2007, Ingo Mayer was one of the highest paid employees in the city making a total of $109,405.

According to Ali Winston, Mayer no longer works for OPD- he retired on stress.1


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