Irving School was an Oakland elementary school that appears to be long gone.  The school was originally located on the northwest corner of 12th and Market Streets.  A couple of 1888 San Francisco newspaper articles imply that the school was combined with the Tompkins School in 1888.  Not clear what happened to the structure.

In 1876 the school was described as being in the High School building, at the corner of Market and West 12th Streets.  With J. B. McChesney as Principal.  The Assistants [Teachers?] were J. Walbridge, Georgia Persing, Mattie Call, Georgia Smith, Mrs. Shorkley, Sara Boniface and Mrs. C. B. Bradley.

In 1887 the Principal of Irving School was J. B. McChesney, who was also the Principal at Oakland High School.  Irving School had only four teachers, Miss Sara Boniface, Miss Emma H. Hilton, Miss H. Percie Stearns, Mrs. Florence A. Nusbaumer; and janitor Robert Blackwood who was also doing double duty as janitor at Oakland High School.

[This historic Oakland school may have changed names, was demolished, or ?? But in 1887 it was an Oakland school, whose Principal was Joseph B. McChesney.]

Martin Luther King Elementary is basically at 12th and Market- not sure if it's related?

i see that jb was principal of the original oakland high as well as edna brewer which was originally named after him (see his obit doesn't mention irving school (

teacher at irving school

there seem to be a couple articles in the trib, too but i can't access.