Located in North Oakland 's Temescal District since 2003, It's Your Move sells games of all sorts (other than computer games).  We specialize in 'Euro games' like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride and unique local games.  If we don't have it in stock, we're happy to locate/order any game you're looking for,  

We shine as a social place to hang out and play games, with gaming tables open to the community and hundred's of open-box games ready to play (or bring in your own).  If you want to take a game home to try, we also have an inexpensive rental program.

We have a variety of scheduled gaming events over the course of each week, including Open Gaming Night (7 PM-midnight every Friday), Youth Pathfinder and D and D role-playing, Scrabble, Chess Club, Local stand up comedy every Saturday night, Magic the Gathering and others.    We are always looking to add new gaming events, so check with us about other possibilities.  If you're looking for other people to play a favorite game, remember that Open Gaming Night is a perfect opportunity!  

We are also proud to feature several local artists and game designers whose work is displayed on our walls.   

It's Your Move is owned and operated by local residents with decades of gaming experience, so please come on in to check out the store and get our recommendations about games you can play!

Location:  4920 Telegraph Ave.

Phone:  510-547-4FUN

Hours:  noon-7 PM Tuesday-Thursday and Sat 10am- 6pm, Sun 10am-7pm (open Friday nights until midnight for open gaming), closed Mondays- The schedule does change seasonaly though so please call for hours

Website with complete store schedule:  www.itsyourmoveoakland.com


It's Your Move was started by Rue Mapp (founder of Outdoor Afro) and her ex-husband  William Kreber,(a current owner of the store), in 2003.