Jack London Village 2

Jack London Village, Oakland, California 1Jack London Village was a small, unique mall named for the famous author Jack London. It was located on the Oakland waterfront, just south of Jack London Square. Jack London Village occupied the area for 25 years as a scenic, tranquil development with a beautiful garden and all-wood construction, filled with small, locally owned businesses. 1

One local favorite was a bar named Sophie's. It was upstairs with a view out over the water, and featured a mechanical bull. Other businesses included Samuel's Gallery, Captain's Landing, Edge of the World knife shop, a candy shop, and antique shops.

In spite of strong community efforts to save the Village, the Port of Oakland was determined to raze the property to future development.

During the 1990s, the Village was the economic and social focal point for the mid-waterfront area. But the Port wanted the location for a major hotel, and so the businesses were evicted and the site was demolished in March of 2001.

Jack London Village, postcard

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