Jill Broadhurst is Running for City Council District 4 in 2014

Broadhurst also ran for City Council in 2010. Political positions here. Smartvoter.

In the News

10/24/2014 Labor Pours Big Money into D4 to Defeat Jill Broadhurst
"Organized labor [Alameda Labor Council, AFL-CIO]  is continuing to spend heavily [in the D4] Council race. In Oakland's District 4 race between Annie Campbell Washington and Jill Broadhurst, city employee unions have spent more than $80,000 through independent campaign committees to elect Campbell Washington. The outside spending by labor...nearly matches the $83,271 that Broadhurst, has raised through Oct. 18. Campbell Washington so far has raised $100,707 in her own campaign fund. The contracts for both unions expire next year.  Broadhurst [has] the backing of the Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, but the business group so far hasn't created independent expenditure funds, which are not subject to contribution caps, to aid their campaigns."

9/25/2014: Jill Broadhurst receives Oakland Tribune's Endorsement (1st choice)
"District 4: 1. Jill Broadhurst. 2. Anne Campbell Washington. These two candidates understand city finances and are focused on fixing them. However, Campbell Washington carries the baggage of having been Quan's chief of staff for two years. Against another candidate she might have been our first choice, but not against Broadhurst, chair of the Montclair Safety and Improvement Council and Executive Director of the East Bay Rental Housing Association."        

9/24/2014: Jill Broadhurst receives the sole Endorsement of the Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce (OakPAC) and the endorsement of the Oakland Builders Alliance.

9/18/2014 Latest City Council poll from Tagami
   Broadhurst 60%
   Campbell Washington 36%

9/10/2014 New City Council poll released today
    Broadhurst 52%
    Campbell Washington 37%

Fundraising: In D4, Jill Broadhurst raised more cash than all other Council candidates throughout Oakland. "Jill Broadhurst, who ran for the seat in 2010, raised $64,301 during the first six months of this year, according to finance reports filed last week."

Jill Broadhurst Announces 2014 Bid to run for Oakland City Council District 4. Focusing on City Hall's lack of attention on core services Broadhurst states, "We all know the great promise of Oakland and our district. We all consider the neighborhoods our homes. We love our shops, our parks, our restaurants, but we also know that we deserve more: better roads, safer streets. There just needs to be greater focus on the core services at City Hall."  This article issued in January 2014 was written by Bay Area News Group Correspondent Mimi Rohr who official campaign records and Facebook postings show endorsed and participated in Broadhurst's failed 2010 campaign for the Oakland City Council. 

CBS interview with Jill Broadhurst regarding crime in Oakland. Broadhurst said. “I’ve talked to different groups where they’ve had to form LLC’s because there’s liability surrounding that [hiring of private neighborhood security]. Really, is that what a neighborhood group is supposed to be taxed with and then they have to pay the legal fees for protecting themselves? That’s no way to live.” While Broadhurst said the patrols are nice, she said Oakland is going to need more officers and a permanent police chief to see significant change.

Articles about Jill on InsideBayArea

Jill4oakland.com (Jill Broadhurst campaign website)

Jill Broadhurst list of endorsements for city council (detailed list).
Some of Broadhurst endorsements include:

  • Oakland Tribune Endorsement D4 (Jill Broadhurst 1st Choice / Campbell Washington 2nd Choice -source)
  • Oakland Chamber of Commerce (source) Sole Endorsement
  • Oakland Builders Alliance
  • Don Perata, President CA State Senator (ret.),
    “Jill is an independent thinker who cares deeply for Oakland. Oakland needs a leader with common sense, experience and loyalty. This is why I support Jill for Oakland City Council
    District 4.”
  • Ignacio De La Fuente, President Oakland City Councilmember (ret.),
    “More than ever we need someone like Jill Broadhurst at city hall who understands both business and community.She will give you not only her ear, but a strong voice as well.
    I enthusiastically throw my full support behind Jill and ask you do the same!”
  • Dick Spees, Oakland City Councilmember, District 4 (ret.),
    “As a longtime resident and former Councilmember of District 4 and where my son John and his wife Kate and family reside, I am greatly concerned about who
    represents us. Our district needs an experienced leader who can help Oakland solve its crime, school, financial and infrastructure problems and is committed to getting the
    job done. Jill Broadhurst has those leadership skills and that is why she is a candidate that our family can endorse.”
  • Noel Gallo, Oakland City Councilmember, District 5,
  • Sheriff Gregory J. Ahern, Alameda County Sheriff's Office,
    “Public safety is the number one issue impacting Oakland today. Jill is the only candidate who recognizes a strong police presence and reducing crime as core to Oakland’s future.
    Jill will bring leadership and integrity and will truly support the police officers who want Oakland safe.”
  • Nate Miley, Alameda County Board of Supervisors District 4,
    “What I respect most about Jill is her time spent in the district. She knows our issues and concerns because she is there, in our community. Her ability to bring people
    together while tackling the tough choices Oakland faces makes her the best choice for City Council. As your County Supervisor, I look forward to the opportunity
    of working with Jill as our next Councilmember to deliver the services we value most.
  • Scott Haggerty, Alameda County Board of Supervisors District 1,
  • Viola Gonzales, Oakland School Board (ret.), 
  • Mark McClure, Board President Oakland Builders Alliance
  • John Protopappas, President Rotary Club of Oakland

Jill Broadhurst was not endorsed by the Sierra Club, though her campaign literature gave the impression that she was by prominently displaying the Sierra Club logo. One problematic mailer noted that she was proudly endorsed by the "Oakland Metropolitican [sic] Chamber of Commerce," and displayed the OMCC logo next to the Sierra Club logo under this text, with small text noting that she was a proud supporting member of the Sierra Club. Many people thought the mailer was misleading. The Sierra Club has sent a cease and desist letter and threatened legal action.1

In May 2014, a written complaint was filed with the Montclair Safety and Improvement Council against its Chairperson Jill Broadhurst.  The complaint alleged that Broadhurst was falsely claiming on her campaign website that she was "the founding member" of the Montclair Safety and Improvement Council.  Official records on file with the City of Oakland, Community Policing Advisory Board (certification document for the Montclair Safety and Improvement Council of June 2003) show that Broadhurst was not "the founding member" of the Montclair Safety and Improvement Council.  After the complaint was filed, Broadhurst changed the statement on her campaign website.  

New Oakland City Council Bid - mid page
With Councilwoman Libby Schaaf giving up her seat to run for mayor in November, Jill Broadhurst, who placed second to Schaaf four years ago, has decided to jump in the race.

"With the years I've put in volunteering, I feel having a community voice in (sync) with business and the neighborhoods is something that would be a welcomed addition on the City Council," she said."

EBCitizen 2014 Candidate List

Jill Broadhurst  campaign Facebook page

Employment Positions and 2010 Archived election info (to use to fill out more information)


  1. Artz, Matthew and O'Brien, Matt.  "Sierra Club scolds Broadhurst in District 4 race." Bay Area News Group: Oct 8, 2014.


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