John McElroy 1John Edmund McElroy (November 30, 1870–March 24, 1909) served four terms as Oakland City Attorney. He led the campaign to take ownership of the Oakland waterfront from the Southern Pacific Railroad. He is also credited with establishing the City's first playground system.

John married Anna Haas (McElroy) (April 29, 1873–March 10, 1967) and they had two children, John ("Jack") Edmund McElroy, Jr. (1906–?) and Aileen E. McElroy (April 26, 1909–January 18, 1991) who was born shortly after her father's death in 1909.

The McElroys lived at 401 Lee Street in Adams Point in what is now known as the McElroy House.

A 1911 fountain in Lakeside Park memorializes McElroy's contributions to Oakland.

Death and Burial

A cold contracted while campaigning in 1909 turned into pneumonia, and John died a few weeks later. He and Anna are interred in a mausoleum in Saint Mary's Cemetery.

McElroy mausoleum
photo CC-A from Our Oakland



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