Jose Luis BuenrostroProtest for Jose Luis Buenrostrostreet memorial for Jose Luis Buenrostro on Rudsdale st.

 Jose Luis Buenrostro was a 15 year old Mexican American teenager who was shot and killed by the Oakland Police Gang Unit in East Oakland on March 19, 2008.

According to police the Gang Unit had seen Jose Luis Buenrostro walking on Rudsdale St near 79th Ave concealing a gun in his pants. The Gang Unit claims they confronted Jose and that he pulled out a sawed off shotgun at them, leading the 3 police officers to shoot him multiple times. He died later that day at Highland Hospital. But eyewitnesses and Buenrostro's family tell a very different story. Some people said that they didn't see a gun. They also say that he had his hands up. His family said he was not a bad kid and that he was not involved in gangs.

The family of Buenrostro and several activists protested his death. A federal civil rights suit was filed and the city decided to settle. John Burris represented the family and the city paid $500,000 to Jose Luis Buenrostro's family the three Officers who killed Jose Luis Buenrostro where Sgt. Randy Brandwood and Officers Eric Milina and Robert Roche

It appears that Roche is the officer who threw a flashbang into the crowd at an Occupy demonstration that hit Scott Olsen. He has killed two other people. Brandywood is still with the department. Milina was still with the department as of 6/13.