José Vicente Peralta (November 21, 1812 – June 30, 1871) was the youngest son of Luis Maria Peralta who received part of his father's land grant, Rancho San Antonio. Peralta's home was in what is now Temescal, near a street named for him, Vicente Street (which was later split into Vicente Street and Vicente Way by Highway 24.)

Peralta married María Encarnacion Galindo on January 1, 1833. They had one child, José Loreto Guadalupe (baptized December 12, 1834) who died in infancy. They were heartbroken, and went on to adopt 6 children: Patricio (Patrick McKay), Mercedes Duncan (Valdez), Luisiana, Isabella (White), Theresa (Berette), and Francisco.

In 1836, Peralta built a modest adobe near Temescal Creek, near what is now the northeast corner of 55th and Telegraph. 1 Because of illegal land grabs and taxes, Peralta was forced to sell all but the 700 acres around his residence about 1852.

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