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Joseph ("Joe") Gregory McCall (May 9, 1879* – February 16, 1948) ran a tailoring business specializing in women's clothes ("ladies' tailor"). His shop was at different locations over the years, most notably at 597 - 15th St. c.1913-1918, 3 and at 14th and Webster c.1922.

In 1911, his shop was in the Phelan Building in San Francisco. 4

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detail of 1914 Hotel Savoy photo
McCall's shop is on the corner
Courtesy Tim Sanchez

The McCalls lived at 432 - 37th St. 1,5 McCall's wife Ettie Emlay (McCall) died December 22, 1947 of a heart attack while driving across the Bay Bridge. 5 Joseph died at home less than 2 months later on February 16, 1948, also of a heart attack. 1 The McCalls are buried together in buried in St. Mary's Cemetery. 2

* The year of McCall's birth is unclear. His grave marker says 1880 2; his obituary implies c.1885 1; and the California Death Record and his WWII draft card say May 9, 1879.

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