Oakland allows you to have ducks and chickens (but no roosters within city limits). Having ducks is a pretty low-maintenance way to have a steady supply of eggs.

What do I need to start keeping ducks?

A duck coop for them to stay in at night that's secure enough to protect from predators like cats, dogs, and raccoons; an enclosed outdoor area for them to wander & root around in (they're typically not too smart (not as smart as chickens - for sure), so it doesn't have to be super well-fenced); daily duck food and water. Finally, most kinds of ducks will need a pond or some other place to swim regularly. However, there's a type of duck called an Indian Runner Duck that doesn't need a pond as much (although they will love a pond if you give it to them). If you do have a pond, please note that you will probably need to be a part of the Alameda County Mosquito Abatement Program (how did Alameda County get the "mosquitoes.org" url???!). Fortunately, that's not too hard!

Where can I get ducks?

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  • Check at your local farmers market for someone who might have a few ducklings available for sale. Any feed stores in your area should carry them in the spring, and of course you can order online or by catalog.

    Why would someone keep ducks instead of chickens?

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    Do you have ducks in Oakland? Add photos here!

    Ducks in a combo duck pond and aquaponics setup in West Oakland. (by mk30)one good reason to have ducks - everyone loves them! (by mk30)

    Ducks mowing the lawn at night




    Learn more about keeping ducks

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    • check out Oakland's rules about keeping animals in the city