Keith Debro is a special education teacher at Oakland Tech. He also runs a mentoring program where juniors and seniors help teachers at nearby elementary schools. His work was recognized in 2014 and he was named one of 30 All-Star Teachers and represented the Oakland A's at the All-Star Game in Minneapolis.

Debro stated the mentoring program about 2006.

The program is open to all Oakland Tech students, Keith says, but it is his, special education students that seem to get the most out of it.
"For kids with special needs to walk over and be a big shot somewhere is just incredible for them," Keith says, "because it never happens. They are not a big shot anywhere." 

Debro is a life-long baseball fan, and saw the A's play their first game in Oakland.

His brother Karl Debro is also an educator, and ran for the board of the Oakland Unified School District for district 4 in 2014.

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