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The Keva Mattress Company was founded in 1906 as the Star Mattress Company. The company had 3 main lines: the Keva, the Starflos, and the Morpheus. Charles W. Keiver was the president. 3

In 1910, the factory at 3101 Adeline was destroyed by fire. 2 Beginning in 1919, they had a large factory at Claremont and Clifton. 1,4 The name change from Star to Keva seems to have happened about 1926. The location at Claremont and Clifton was used until 1959; the factory was demolished and a Safeway constructed in 1960. 5

There's a Bay Area and Keva Mattress Company in San Leandro, with a sign that says "Since 1945." It's unclear of the connection between the companies, if any. Charles Keiver died in 1948; ads for the Keva Mattress Company on Claremont disappear after 1958.

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