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The Knights of Pythias is a fraternal organization which is "dedicated to the cause of universal peace" 1. The distinguishing principles are friendship, charity, and benevolence (FCB).

In Oakland, the main meeting place was the Pythian Castle of Oakland at the corner of 12th Street and Alice. The building was dedicated in November, 1906. Mayor Frank K. Mott and governor George Pardee spoke at the opening ceremonies. 5

In 1887 the Knights of Pythias met at the following locations in Oakland:

  • Oakland Division No. 4, Uniform Rank — Meets at Armory Hall, corner Washington and Twelfth Streets, every Tuesday evening. A. C. McAlpine, Commander: Henry A. Holland, Recorder.
  • Oakland Lodge No. 103 — Meets at Pythian Hall, 1050 Broadway, every Friday evening. E. J. Hahn, C. C. ; H. Levy, K. of R. S.
  • Live Oak Lodge No. 17 — Meets at Odd Fellows' Hall, corner Franklin and Eleventh Streets, each Wednesday evening. George Nelson, C. C. ; Henry A. Holland, Recorder.
  • Liberty Division No. 11, Uniform Rank — Meets at Hanson's Hall, corner Goss and Wood Streets, West Oakland, each Monday evening. A. C. McAlpin, Commander; P. M. Watkins, Recorder.
  • Brooklyn Lodge No. 32 (East Oakland) — Meets every Monday evening at Schimmelpfennig's Hall, 764 East Twelfth Street.
  • West Oakland Lodge No. 141 — Meets at Masonic Hall, corner Willow and Seventh Streets, Tuesday evening of each month. A. M. Barrett, 0. C.; R. G. Graham, K. of R. S.

In 1913, the following meeting locations are listed 3:

  • 12th St., southeast corner of Alice
  • 9412 East 14th St. (now International)

The 1927 listing for fraternal organizations shows 4:

  • Dirigo Lodge No. 324 - meets in Pythian Castle, 12th and Alice, Tuesdays - Charles Garfield, C. C., Carl F. Wood, K. of R. and S.
  • Merit Lodge No. 243 - meets at Phillips Hall, 2308 East 14th St., Mondays - F. G, Milroy, C. C., M. W. Howard, K. of R. and S.
  • Oakland Lodge No. 103 - meets in Pythian Castle, Thursdays - Leo J. Smith, C. C., James Dennison, K. of R. and S.
  • Paramount Lodge No, 17 - meets in Pythian Castle, Wednesdays - A. J. Pimentel, C. C., W. H. Lovett, K. of R. and S.

In 1928 and 1935, the following meeting locations are listed 2:

  • 243 - 12th Street
  • 4689 Telegraph Avenue
  • 3038 - 38th Avenue
  • 2073 Allston Way (Berkeley)
  • 508 Oak St. (Alameda)

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