LMI.net is a local Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in Berkeley that serves some parts of Oakland, reselling DSL internet from Sonic.net and Wireless service from Unwired LTD. They have solar panels on their roof to cover some of their electricity needs.

LMI.net website


  • I've used LMI for a number of years in Montclair, as 'back then' there were few options for high speed internet in the hills (pre-cable ISPs). I doubtless could get something cheaper these days, but LMI's product and customer service has been so great, I'm reluctant to change. - Gene
  • I agree with Gene. I've used LMI for about a year.  LMI service is far superior to all the other options, unless of course, you happen to be one of the few people who don't believe the conventional wisdom that Comcast is evil.  You can't go wrong with such a local company.  I recommend you look at both options they offer as they work better for different situations. -Julio
  • i have heard GREAT things about LMI. unfortunately my house is exactly 1/2 way between towers (or whatever it is!) and I can't get service from them. They have great customer service- pick up the phone and call them-(510) 843-6389. They have several different levels of service. My friend who recommended their service to me even got the referral discount even though I couldn't get the service. -greenkozi