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The Lakeshore Homes Association was incorporated on October 4, 1917, and is the second oldest homeowners association west of the Mississippi. It encompasses the development originally called Lakeshore Highlands, which was developed by Frank C. HavensFrancis "Borax" Smith, and Walter H. Leimert starting in June, 1917. The Lakeshore Highlands developers created the Lakeshore Homes Association to preserve the neighborhood. The homes within the Lakeshore Homes Association are bound by numerous restrictions:

  • Property owners are forbidden from constructing alternative dwelling units ('granny flats'), renting out an alternative dwelling unit to a non-family member, or using a home as anything other than a single family residence (e.g. a  duplex).
  • In order to preserve the historical architectural significance of homes, changes to a home's exterior are subject to approval by the neighborhood preservation committee. For example, homeowners are forbidden from replacing wooden windows with those constructed of aluminum or fiberglass or windows with a contemporary design.
  • The removal of trees is from personal property is restricted and residents must receive permission from the association, in addition to a permit from the City of Oakland.
  • Homes were originally subjected to racial covenants that served to exclude minorities until such covenants became unlawful. 

There are numerous private parks within the borders of the development that are owned and maintained by the Lakeshore Home Association, such as Oak Grove Park (between Longridge Road and Mandana Blvd).

The association is also responsible for maintaining hundreds of London Plane trees that line the streets, antique street lamps, private neighborhood parks, and the Lakeshore Highlands Portal.

The association is made up of 1,005 properties within the present day Crocker Highlands and Trestle Glen neighborhoods of Oakland. Although all of the homes in the association are within Crocker Highlands and Trestle Glen, not all homes in these neighborhoods are part of the association.

In 2016, residents started an organization called Safer Crocker to hire private security for the neighborhood. The patrol area covers homes in the Lakeshore Homes Association; however, no official relationship exists between the association and the Safer Crocker organization.

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