The Laney College Carnival is an annual carnival of rides and booths held in the Laney College parking lot. It dates back to at least 1982, though they skipped several years because of COVID.

A 1982 ad says it was sponsored by the Boys' Clubs of Oakland. Confusingly, the ad gives 10th Street and Fallon as the address 2 instead of the larger lot at 7th and Fallon where it is held now, but an event listing in 1982 gives the address as 900 Fallon St. 1

1982 ad 2

The carnival was closed down by the police in 1984 for not having proper permits, and an employee was arrested for operating a booth while under the influence of alcohol, but the carnival reopened later that day after getting the permits. 3

It appears that Butler Amusements of Fairfield has been the operator for most, if not all of the years of the carnival's operation.

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