from M. W. Wood's History of Alameda County 1

Lysander Stone (July 9, 1825 – August 10, 1883) was an early settler of what is now the North Stonehurst, South Stonehurst and Elmhurst Park neighborhoods of Oakland as well as part of San Leandro. Stone was a fruit farmer who came to the area in 1860, and owned over 250 acres of land, along what was known as The Oakland Road.

Stone was born July 9, 1825 in Pennsylvania to Silas Stone and Susannah Ward (Stone). He came west to Oregon in 1847 with William Meek, who later married Henderson Luelling's daughter Mary. Like many lured by the Gold Rush, he came to California in 1849. Stone did some cattle ranching in Colusa County. He must have done OK, because in 1860 he came to Alameda County when Meek did, and settled on 256 acres of land. 1

Lysander married Catharine "Kate" Ann Barker (Stone) (April 1, 1834 – September 7, 1889) on May 14, 1857, and they had three children: Jennie Fidelia Stone (February 27, 1860 – December 25, 1929), Egbert Barker Stone (May 14, 1863 – March 8, 1932), and Andrew Lysander Stone (January 27, 1864 – ?).

Lysander's grandson, Andrew Lysander Stone, Jr. (1902 – 1999) was a writer, director, and producer in Hollywood.

Death and Burial

Stone died August 10, 1883, and is buried in the San Lorenzo Pioneer Memorial Park along with Kate. 2

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