Magnolia Terrace is a "5-unit affordable housing community, for low income individuals with developmental disabilities" in Emeryville (on the border of Oakland) owned, rehabbed, and run by the Housing Consortium of the East Bay (source).

It's at the corner of 40th and Adeline and the address is 4001 Adeline Street, Emeryville, CA.

It was rehabbed in 2011. It has a number of mosaics on the front steps (artists: Erin Punzel and David Albertsen) and more mosaics and art around the sides of the house. The artists are: Donald Mitchell, Dinah Shapiro, Steven Geeter, David Albertsen, Gina Damerell, and Erin Punzel (all affiliated with Creative Growth Art Center). The house was also rehabbed to be green. You can read more about the rehab and the house here and here.