1857 map of Oakland morphing into current Google Map
This page lists current & historic maps of Oakland in addition to providing some general resources for map-minded individuals.

Relatedly, you might also be interested in data sources about Oakland and our entry providing help for people who are interested in doing historic research about Oakland.

If you have a map of Oakland that you'd like to add to the list, click "Edit" and add it wherever.

Finally, if you have a geographic dataset that you would like to see a map of, Github does visualizations of geojson files (here's an example). If you have a KML (which is the format that customized google maps come in), you can use toGeoJSON to convert it....to geojson (surprise!).

Pages tagged “map”

Pages tagged “mapping”

Existing Data, Maps, and other Resources (an ever-expanding list)

Our Oakland

Capital Improvement Programs (CIP)

Citizens' Police Review Board

Council District Locator



CEDA Map Viewer

City Owned Properties

Tree Viewer

Historic Mapping Resources

1857 map


Neighborhoods mapping


General Mapping/GIS Resources


LocalWiki mapping tools & development

Articles/Blogs/People who talk about maps