People often meet up for group or social gatherings in Oakland. These meetups often happen in businesses like cafes, or in outdoor public spaces like parks.

Good places for meetups

Study meetups

If you're meeting up to study together, or do other work largely on computers, here are some places you might want to meet. See also the Berkeley meetups page.

Venue Near BART? Free Wifi? Serves food? Space/electricity considerations Other notes
Starbucks @ 801 Broadway 4 blocks from 12th St. City Center Yes Yes Can be a bit hard to find a lot of space, especially with electrical outlets.  
Alameda County Law Library 3 blocks from Lake Merritt BART Yes No, and no food allowed TONS of space - the library isn't very crowded. There aren't tons of outlets, so you may want to bring a power strip.


Arbor Cafe near MacArthur Bart Yes Yes Spacious, lots of plugs, but it's popular.  
Cafe Underwood about 10 blocks from MacArthur, near Piedmont Yes Yes Small-ish, plugs available  
Rockridge Branch Library near Rockridge Bart Yes No Can be hard to find open tables, but space can be reserved ahead of time.  
sudo room near MacArthur Bart Yes No lots of space. coders available. they already host coding meetups