Montclair Park is a city of Oakland park located at 6300 Moraga Avenue. It is home to Montclair Recreation Center and the George C. Hammer Amphitheatre. The park is nearly 7 acres and features a pond that is home to ducks, geese, koi fish, turtles, blue gill fish as well as other animals. The pond is an extension of the Lake Merritt bird sanctuary and therefore protected by federal wildlife laws.

The park includes a baseball diamond and a children's play area with a "wild west" theme centered around a Wells Fargo stagecoach, constructed in 1996. Two picnic areas feature cooking grills and large tables (available for reservation April thru September). There are 4 tennis courts throughout the park available for open play and reservation.

There was a skateboard ramp built by skaters, but the city took in down in the fall of 2014.




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During excavations in 1939, the bones of a mastodon were found. 1

1939 1

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