The Moor Hotel is a long-shuttered SRO at 2347-2353 San Pablo Avenue (865 San Pablo before renumbering.) It first opened in 1905 as The Molitor apartments, run by Mrs. M.M. Malitor, leased from Mohr and Sons. 1 It's noted for having a surviving tankhouse behind it.

It went through a series of names, including Carlton Apartments (1912), Merlin Apartments (1913-1922) and Mohr Hotel (1961-1977), before settling on Moor Hotel c.1987. 2 There may have been other names in there as well.

It's unknown when it closed. A 2015 report from the City of Oakland notes that it had been closed for over a decade. 3 In 2018, the city filed a civil suit against the owners, Jeff Crear and Mildred Crear, on the basis of a it being a public nuisance, drug nuisance, and the red light abatement act. 4

1902 Sanborn excerpt1912 Sanborn excerpt


Rear side including tankhouse, 2020

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